• Body Language of playing with wedding ring

    Body language of playing with wedding ring is an interesting topic and I have done up some research. I gathered all information and summarized it base on my understanding and experiences. This article is based on men and women.

    A Person playing with wedding band in front of you.
    If a person twists their wedding ring as they are talking to you, it shows they are attracted to you. By twisting their rings, they are trying to ignore the bond with their partners.

    But if your intuition tells you that he/she is not interested in you, and your conversation is regarding to something that shows negativity about marriage, it means that they regret about their bond of marriage. Sliding the ring back and forth shows that he would like to stop being married.

     In business or work.
    He/she might be agitated during a tense meeting or negotiation when they are playing with their rings.

    Recently, my friend has been playing with his wedding band. He has been playing with his wedding ring, twisting, shifting his wedding ring up and down when facing me. But no, he is not interested in me. That’s because he grew fat shortly after marriage and the ring is too tight for him. lol..

    Of course there are some other reasons such as it’s a habit or they are just bored. That’s why we analyze base on the whole scenario, and not forgetting to read body language gesture clusters. Being good in analyzing people need lots of rationale and intelligent assumption, apart from just solely basing on body language :)

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